Kendra Gale – Kicking and Screaming (Album)


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We are very excited for so many reasons about the new album we’ve been working on. One reason is that this is the first album that both of us have worked on together as a band, that’s right! The very first KGB album to have both Kendra Gale and Warren Beatteay, and that is all you will hear when you listen to it.

We are always told at shows that people are surprised when they turn the corner and there is only two of us on stage, they expect to see a bass. With this album we wanted to give you as close as we could to what you would hear from us at a live show, besides a few added harmonies there are no guitar solos or extra instruments, Just guitar, drums and our voices.

We traveled over to Cape Breton to work on “Kicking and Screaming” With the very talented Mike Shepherd at the multi award winning Lakewind Sound Studios owned by Fred Lavery and Gordie Sampson. It was such an awesome experience and beautiful place to record. Going in we weren’t sure how we wanted to record the 16 tracks. Mike hit record and we started by playing through one song and would decide where to go from there. After we finished playing through the song we all agreed that that would be how we would do it, that would be the best way to capture what we were aiming to do, and most of the songs were recorded in one take.